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Fsd364t-k / 474t-k (4 comb + 1 knife) hybrid folding machine


Product features:

This machine is an inspiratory folding machine, which adopts frequency control and touch screen intelligent group counting. It has the design structure of heavy folding machine, and its performance is stable and reliable. At the same time, it has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible and convenient

    型號                            FSD364T-KFSD474T-K
 可折最大紙張                       360×560mm460x650mm 
 可折最小紙張        80×80mm  90X100mm
 可折紙張范圍           40-250g/㎡  40-250g/㎡
 折輥最高速度           150m/min150m/min
  折刀最高頻率         200stroke/min  200stroke/min
  整機功率                      1.5kw   2.0kw
    電源          220V/50HZ   220V/50HZ
 機器外型尺寸(長×寬×高)                           1500×1000×1400mm  1500x700x1400mm


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